Schiphol Tower and Approach

At and in the vicinity of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, air traffic control services are provided by two LVNL air traffic control units: the aerodrome control unit, Schiphol Tower, and the approach control unit, Schiphol Approach.

Schiphol Tower is the aerodrome control service. From the Tower at Schiphol Centre, which is almost 100 metres high, and the second Tower close to the Polder runway, air traffic controllers, ground controllers and air traffic control assistants work together. They are responsible for the provision of air traffic control services to all aircraft at and within a 15-kilometre radius of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. They also provide traffic control services for other traffic on the airport site. 

Schiphol Approach directs departing aircraft from Schiphol to the air routes. It also directs approaching aircraft with Amsterdam Airport Schiphol as their destination from the air routes to the immediate vicinity of Schiphol. This must take place safely and efficiently, taking account of the environment. Among other things, fixed approach and departure routes have been established for that purpose The air traffic controllers and air traffic control assistants perform their work behind the radar in the LVNL building at Schiphol East.

A glimpse of Approach

A glimpse of the Schiphol Tower Centre