Air traffic control

LVNL focuses primarily on the provision of air traffic services for civil aviation in the region for which the Netherlands has been made responsible: the Amsterdam Flight Information Region (FIR). The Amsterdam FIR extends above Dutch territory and a large part of the North Sea.

The air traffic services consist of three tasks: 

Air traffic control 

Air traffic control is the control of air traffic by issuing clearances and instructions to aircraft pilots. Air traffic control is divided into three sub-disciplines: area control, approach control and aerodrome control.

In the Organisation, all air traffic control services for the Mainport Schiphol are placed in the Operations directorate. These include area control, aerodrome control and approach control for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Rotterdam The Hague Airport. Air traffic services for the regional airports are the responsibility of the LVNL Regional Unit.

Provision of flight information 

Provision of flight information is the provision of information during a flight for safe and effective conduct of the flight. This includes information on weather conditions along the flight route, information on changes in the use of navigation tools and changes in the condition of airport sites and facilities.


The purpose of alarms is to warn the relevant authorities of aircraft requiring assistance in the form of search and rescue and to support these authorities, in as far as required.

Amsterdam FIR