Other operational services

In addition to providing air traffic control, LVNL has other operational tasks.

Flight information centre (FIC)

The FIC of LVNL provides flight information in the Amsterdam FIR in the areas where no air traffic control is provided and where other units do not provide any flight information. The FIC is housed in the main LVNL building at Schiphol.

Aeronautical information service (AIS)

The AIS department of LVNL is responsible in the Amsterdam FIR for gathering and circulating aeronautical information. AIS publishes the Integrated Package. This publication contains information of a permanent nature which is important for flight operations in the Amsterdam FIR. The Integrated Package is offered online to airmen.

Flight Service Centre - FSC

Among other things, the FSC is responsible for providing aeronautical information for safe and efficient flight operations, receiving, processing and sending flight plans and related notices. 

The department is responsible for the issue of the Dutch notices to airmen (NOTAMs) and SNOWTAMs. NOTAMs contain information of a temporary nature or information that cannot be published in good time in other forms of publications. A ‘SNOWTAM’ is a special type of NOTAM with notification of runway/taxiway/apron status with respect to snow, ice and standing water. The FSC possesses a global Aeronautical Information Publication library which is important for informing airmen. 

At the regional airports, information can be obtained through direct links to the FSC. If necessary, flight preparations can also take place at the FSC, as qualified staff are available there 24 hours a day.

Operational Help Desk - OHD

The OHD provides online information for organisers of special flights and activities.