Procurement and Contracts

The Contracting department provides for LVNL’s procurement and contract management. This involves various orders for the primary process, the supply of air traffic services and orders for support processes.

The Public Procurement Act and the Public Procurement Decree entered into force on 1 April 2013. The Act replaces the Public Procurement (Tendering Rules) Decree (BAO), the Tendering (Special Sectors) Decree (BASS) and the Improving the Effectiveness of Review Procedures concerning the Award of Public Contracts Directive (Implementation) Act (WIRA).

The main legal framework for tendering consists of:

the Public Procurement Act 2012 
the Proportionality Guide

The following conditions may also be declared applicable:

General Procurement Terms and Conditions 
ARN, English version

In handling complaints relating to a procurement procedure, LVNL acts in compliance with the ‘Complaints settlement in procurement’ document. Any complaints can be addressed to the LVNL Procurement Complaints Centre, e-mail address

By using the electronic platform Negometrix LVNL (ATC-NL) aims to reduce handling costs for suppliers. In case you would like to offer on a public tender from LVNL please register on the Negometrix platform. This account is free of charge for suppliers. All public tenders are also published on the Dutch national tender platform Tenderned.