Files occurences 2015

LVNL reports on concrete incidents that are ‘potentially serious’, covering causes and effects as well as the measures taken to reduce the risk of similar incidents occurring in the future. The availability of information depends on the status of the investigation.

The incidents that LVNL will make public are related to the LVNL’s core service: incidents that occur within the responsibility of air traffic control (no technical or operational issues related to airplanes and/or airports). The incidents that LVNL publishes, must also have been previously reported to the Dutch Safety Board. 

11 December 2015 Incident during push-back Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
1 December 2015 Loss of separation Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
10 May 2015 Incident during go-around at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
17 March 2015 Incident during taxiing at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
11 March 2015 Loss of separation Amsterdam Airport Schiphol