I do not agree with the outbound routes. Can I arrange for these to be changed?

No, the present outbound routes are laid down in the Airport Traffic Decree of the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management under a General Administrative Order. The airways for the SIDs are published in the Schiphol Airport Traffic Decree. This Decree entered into force on 20 February 2003, following a process of political decision-making, administrative consultation, public consultation and advice. Appeals are therefore no longer possible.
The outbound routes were established by agreement between different parties, including LVNL, AAS, the Schiphol Regional Consultative Committee (CROS) and the government. In adjusting the routes, they took account of responses to consultation of local residents and municipal authorities to the draft Schiphol Airport Traffic Decree and of technical aeronautical and air traffic control developments. In determining the routes, careful consideration was given to the interests of effective aviation, the environment (in particular noise pollution) and economic aspects. Safety was a fixed precondition here.