What does the aviation sector do about safety at Schiphol?

All companies active in air traffic at Schiphol are members of a single safety platform, the Schiphol Safety Platform (VpS). This safety management organisation ensures that the quality is monitored and that improvements are implemented ‘Schiphol-wide’. The following organisations are represented in the platform: Schiphol Group, LVNL, all Dutch airlines, handling companies and tank services and the Schiphol Airline Operators Committee (most of the foreign airlines that are represented at Schiphol). The aim of the Safety Platform is to ensure that all parties involved in aviation do everything possible to prevent incidents and protect safety at Schiphol. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the coordinator of the platform.
The VpS has a shared information system, the Operational Airport Safety Information System (OASIS), which gathers data on all incidents that have led, or could have led to unsafe situations, both on the platform and in the air. In this way, a better insight is obtained into which measures must be taken to prevent unsafe situations.