What is the noise preferential runway use system (GPBS)?

In practice, the use of some take-off or landing runways causes more noise pollution than others. For example, with the use of the Buitenveldert runway, more homes suffer nuisance than with the use of the Kaag runway, because more housing lies below the incoming and outgoing routes for the Buitenveldert runway. In order to limit the noise pollution where possible, LVNL has been working with a noise preferential runway use system (GPBS) since as long ago as 1967. This means that preferably, a combination of runways will be offered that causes nuisance to as few people as possible. This system works as follows: a combination is created from the runways available for use, with preference always going to the runways that cause the least nuisance. By day, these combinations consist of two take-off runways and one landing runway or two landing runways and one take-off runway, depending on whether there is an incoming or an outbound peak.