Frequently Asked Questions about aircraft landing and take-off

Nine questions about landing and take-off 

How does a landing take place?

Who decides when an aircraft can land?

Is the noise from landing aircraft measured?

In which direction do aircraft taking off from Schiphol fly? 

Is every pilot free to choose his own route from the moment of take-off?

Which runways at Schiphol do outgoing aircraft use?

Why do some aircraft fly across at a higher altitude than others after take-off?

Who decides when an aircraft can take off? 

Is the noise from aircraft taking off measured?

If the question is not present

The Local Community Contact Centre Schiphol (BAS) is the information and complaints centre that local residents can contact with all their questions and complaints about flight traffic at Schiphol. BAS is a joint initiative of LVNL and AAS. 

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