Frequently Asked Questions about routes and airways

Eleven questions about routes and airways

Do the standard departure routes apply for all aircraft?

do not agree with the outbound routes. Can I arrange for these to be changed?

Can a  captain deviate from the prescribed outbound route?

Can the airways be reduced

From which  direction do aircraft approach Schiphol?

Why do these airways actually exist? 

Why don’t the routes run across  fields, instead of above residential areas? 

What happens if the captain flies outside the airway without obtaining consent for this from LVNL? 

What reasons does LVNL have to issue the captain with a different instruction?

Are different routes flown  at night than by day? 

What about the Rotterdam route change

If the question is not present

The  Local Community Contact Centre Schiphol (BAS) is the information and complaints centre that local residents can contact with all their questions and complaints about flight traffic at Schiphol. BAS is a joint initiative of LVNL and AAS. 

Other questions are welcome at