AIS publications

Aeronautical Information Products

The eAIP includes:

  • Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP), including Amendments and Supplements
  • Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC) series A and B
  • Aeronautical charts

Downloadable Aeronautical Information

Downloadable aeronautical information products and the aeronautical chart ICAO 1:500 000 (edition 2023, valid from 20 APR 2023) are available, free of charge, on the downloads page.

ICAO chart 1:500.000

The aeronautical chart ICAO 1:500.000 (edition 2023, valid from 20 APR 2023) is available in print through the KNVvL webshop.

VFR chart viewer

The VFR chart viewer is an interactive viewer for aeronautical data (AIP and other sources). It is updated according to the AIRAC cycles. The viewer can be used to get a better insight into the airspace structure in the Amsterdam FIR.

Below you will find an introduction to the VFR chart viewer. In addition, video tutorials have been made for the most used functions of the VFR chart viewer.


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